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Parties Involved in the Adoption of a Baby

Baby adoption naturally involves a number of people. The child is of primary importance and concern, but each of the various other parties involved can have a serious influence on the adoption and how the process proceeds. The birthparents, especially the birthmother, will most likely be under considerable strain as they struggle with the decision about what is best for the baby. The adoptive parents will be affected and driven by their desire to have a child and can be blindsided by concerns or problems that arise during the adoption process. The adoption agency, legal counsel, and counselors will have the most experience and knowledge about the adoption process, but they can only do so much to help the adoption go smoothly.

Risks for Baby Adoption

When considering baby adoption, there are many risks involved that result from everyone involved. The birthmother’s situation—including why she made the decision, any counseling she will undergo, the degree of her education, when the decision was made, the support she can expect from family and friends, her age, her plans for after the adoption, and her personal circumstances—can be a positive or potentially problematic aspect to the adoption. The adoption is also affected by the birthfather’s situation (if he knows of the pregnancy and the plans for adoption), the relationship between the birthparents, the level of involvement the birthparents want to maintain, the adoptive parents’ attitudes about adoption, the relationship between the birthparents and adoptive parents, and other factors, such as any illness the birthmother may have, her personal history, etc.

Although the presence of many risk factors does indicate the possibility that the adoption process will not go as smoothly as hoped, it does not mean that the adoption has little chance of success or that the results will be negative. Considering the risk factors involved is not intended to place additional stress on the adoptive parents. Instead, it is hoped that careful analysis of the situation will only help everyone involved be better prepared and enable them to seek the help needed to work through all of the potentially problematic issues.

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