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Guatemala: What to Know About Adoption

Those considering adopting a child might overlook a wonderful place for adoption: Guatemala. Because of the economical status of the country, many families can not afford to keep their children, and are forced to surrender them to foster care where they await adoption. The children from Guatemala are beautiful with varied skin tones, usually with full or part Mayan Indian ethnicity. Infants and newborns of both sexes are more available than older children, however most parents want their adoptee to be young so they can be a part of their development from the very beginning.

Adopting a Child from Guatemala

Before deciding on adoption from Guatemala, you will need to do your homework. International adoption can be much more complicated and expensive than adopting from the United States. You will need to go to your local library as well as using the internet to research all the information you can find about adoption in general and adoption from Guatemala specifically. For example, the health of a child may not be guaranteed by an agency, because of the impoverished condition of the country or if Guatemala changes their adoption policies. Developmental delays in your child are possible.

When you do start the adoption process, you will need to fill out many forms and be subject to a home study by the agency. You will also need to mail copies of documents such as a medical report, reference letters, marriage certificate and employment letter. You will also need to travel to Guatemala yourself for about four days to pick up the child and finalize the adoption. However if travel is impossible for you, it is possible to arrange for an escort to bring the child to the United States for you. Though international adoption can be a challenging process, the reward of seeing your new child’s smiling face will make it all worth it in the end.

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