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The Need for China Adoption

The need and demand for China adoption has not decreased in recent years. Because of China’s serious one child population policy and their insistent preference for male children, the number of orphaned children needing adoption continues to rise. Chinese children, especially when adopted as infants, have a history of being generally healthy, intelligent, and resilient despite initial concerns over small size or other physical issues. Since 1983, families in the United States have chosen to adopt over 40,000 children from China, with 6,859 of those being adopted in 2004. If you are thinking about overseas adoption, China is one country you should seriously consider.

China Adoption: Reasons to Consider It

One aspect of China adoption is that since so many American families have adopted children from China over the years, the Chinese government is experienced in the process, helping it proceed much more smoothly than in other countries and even the United States sometimes. Many adoption agencies handling Chinese adoptions give parents the opportunity to travel to China is a very low-stress setting and environment in order to get the adopted child. This trip gives the adoptive parents a chance to see the culture and country from where their child comes and gives them an insight into the child’s life.

If you are concerned about the rights of the birthparents in the adoption process, you may want to consider China, as well. In the United States, current family law stipulates that the birthparents can come and take their child back at any time if they choose. Although the prevalence of this happening is probably not very great, it is a risk that some people are not willing to take. Most children in China are abandoned due to economic reasons, and because of the strong tradition of family in China, most children have no drug-related medical problems and few emotional/mental issues. If you are a loving family who wants to provide a good home for a child while dealing with as little bureaucratic hassle as possible to complete the process, a Chinese adoption could be your best option.

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