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India: International Adoption

Finding a child for adoption in India can be an intimidating task. It is much more complicated and expensive than adopting from the United States, and there is much information to sort through. With most agencies, it can take well over a year after you start the process to actually receive the child in your home. You will also need to travel to India yourself to pick up the child, staying about a week or more to finalize everything. Clearly this kind of decision needs careful thought and planning.

Procedures for Adoption from India

The minimum age for adoption from India is 21 for a married couple, with at least 2 years of a healthy marriage. Neither partner can have been divorced more than twice. Couples with families are allowed up to 2 other children in the household, however exceptions may be made if you adopt a Indian child with special needs. Single women are also allowed to adopt, the minimum age being set at 25. If your adoptee has a sibling, they are often required to be kept together, so you should keep this in mind when searching for the newest member of your family.

To be approved for an adoption from India, a home study is necessary. This usually consists of interviews and a home visit. The adoption agency must be sure that you will be able to provide a safe and stable home for a growing child, and will want to know everything about you and the others living in the household. You may be asked to write a brief autobiography and to provide copies of legal documents such as health reports and legal records. Though this all sounds confusing, the adoption agency will be right with you to walk you through everything. It is their job to make sure you understand everything and to make the adoption process run as smoothly as possible. If you are considering adopting a child from India, search through the webpages of a few agencies to get a more in-depth feel for what to expect and to decide if international adoption is right for you.

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