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Thinking of Helping a Child? Consider Adoption

Adoption of a child is a great way to add personal fulfillment to your own life and make a difference in the life of someone else. Currently, there are millions of children worldwide who are in need of good homes and the love only a dedicated family can provide. There are many reasons why children may need to be adopted: some have been orphaned by the death of their parents, some have been abandoned because they were unwanted, and some have been given up by loving parents who did not believe they could adequately care for them. Whatever the reason, the important thing is finding and providing good homes for these children so they can grow up secure, safe, and happy.

Adoption of a Child: The Process

Although adoption of a child is something that is much needed, it is also a very difficult process that requires time, effort, energy, and dedication. Even in the best cases, it is unlikely that an adoption will be completed in less than six months. Because most adoption agencies, officials and involved individuals have the best interests of the child in mind, there is extensive preliminary work that is required to ensure that the prospective adoptive parents are fit to provide the child with a stable, secure home.

The first step in adoption is deciding what kind of child you want to adopt. Choosing between international or domestic adoption is a big preliminary decision, and then choosing a desired age for the child is next. Medical considerations play a part, as well, because adoptive parents must decide if they are willing to adopt and capable of adopting a child with special needs or if they prefer a physically healthy child.

Once adoptive parents have an idea of what kind of child they want, the homestay evaluations must begin. The homestay is an extensive process that investigates nearly all aspects of the prospective adoptive parents and family to ensure that they are capable of caring for the child. The homestay includes interviews; writing personal autobiographies; investigations into financial history, references, and health information; a criminal clearance, etc. It is important that all elements of the homestay be taken seriously or it can have negative implications for the adoption process.

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