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International Adoption: A Child from Colombia

Adoption from Colombia could be an option to consider, especially if you are interested in international adoption. In some aspects, international adoption can be an easier process than domestic adoption because there is less bureaucratic red tape, less wait time, and less difficulty finding a child to adopt. However, adopting from Colombia—or any other foreign country, for that matter—does not mean that there is a complete absence of regulation of the adoption process. Adoption laws still exist and must be followed properly to ensure a successful adoption with the least possible problems. Knowing the laws and requirements before beginning can help ensure that an adoption will go as smoothly as possible without any negative surprises.

Adoption from Colombia: The Facts

Despite all the travel warnings and advisories for Colombia, in 2003 adoption in Colombia was quite common with 272 children being adopted. The children available for adoption in Colombia range in age from infants to older children, and there are special needs children in need of homes, as well. Sibling groups are also a possibility. The children often live in either foster homes or orphanages, and many are left without parents simply because their parents could not afford to care for them properly.

If you are interested in adoption from Colombia, there are some things you should know. First of all, all adoptions are ultimately controlled by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF). This agency processes all adoptions and licenses all adoption agencies. In order for an adoption to be completed, both adoptive parents must be in Colombia during the entire process of bringing the adoption before the family court judge. This usually takes between one to two weeks, and after it is completed, one of the parents may return home. However, the other adoptive parent must continue to remain in Colombia for approximately three to six more weeks to obtain the immigration visa for the adopted child.

There are some rather strict restrictions on who can adopt a child from Colombia. Married couples are usually the only ones allowed to adopt a Colombian child, but single women are granted an exception to adopt special needs children. All prospective parents must be at least 25 years old.

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