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Chinese Adoption: A Popular Option

Chinese adoption is one of the most common international adoptions. The Chinese government has considerable experience dealing with adoptions by American families, and they are generally very helpful in facilitating the adoption. In addition, there are many agencies located throughout the United States that have considerable expertise and years of experience handling adoptions from China. There are some that collect the required paperwork for you and others that require you to get your paperwork together but charge lower fees. However, despite the need for Chinese adoption and its prevalence, it is not for everyone. Before making the crucial decision, consider your current family situation and what you want out of the adoption process to ensure that Chinese adoption is right for you.

Finding an Agency for a Chinese Adoption

Because of the international considerations involved with Chinese adoption and the reality that you are dealing with foreign governments, laws, and policies, choosing a good adoption agency can make all the difference. Since you will rely on the agency to know the details and nuances of the law and to prepare you adequately for all parts of the adoption process, it is essential that you trust and respect the knowledge of the agency and that communication is clear.

Here are some things to consider when looking for an agency to help you with your Chinese adoption: Find out the number of families that have used this agency for a Chinese adoption and how long the agency has had a China program. Many international adoption agencies add countries throughout the years, so while an agency may have been in operation for thirty years, they may have only handled Chinese adoptions for one or two. Ask what areas of China the adoptions usually come from and if the agency has any specific link to certain areas or orphanages. It is important to know up front how well the adoption referrals match the requests on the adoption petitions. Ask the average time involved in the process, and the usual fees and expenses. Find out how many families are currently waiting and if the agency has any provisions for travel to the country. Although positive answers to these questions will not guarantee that the process goes perfectly, it will help ensure that you will have fewer complications.

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