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Adoption Consideration: Babies

Adoption of babies is becoming both increasingly common and increasingly needed. Many couples in the United States are dealing with the problems of infertility yet still want to start and build loving families of their own. Many other women throughout the country find themselves in a difficult position, pregnant with no place to go and with no idea what they should do next. The controversy over abortion makes the adoption issue even more timely and pertinent because the common suggested alternative to abortion is adoption. As a result, it is crucial that information about adoption be widely disseminated to help find homes for these deserving children who are left without homes due to a range of circumstances.

Adoption of Babies: What to Think about...

Adoption of babies is probably the most common type of adoption because most adoptive parents want the privilege of raising their adopted child from birth. They do not want to miss out on all those special moments that happen in the early years, and they want to have a hand in forming and molding a child’s character and demeanor. Babies are also an attractive adoption choice because, aside from possible medical problems, adopted babies do not have the risk of some of the mental, psychological or behavioral problems that older adopted children may have.

In many cases, the adoption of babies is arranged during a birth mother’s pregnancy so that the adoptive parents can be present at the birth if the birth mother consents. This arrangement allows the adoptive parents to be present from the earliest possible moments and can result in a very favorable adoption situation. This kind of arrangement also facilitates an open adoption, if that is the kind of adoption both sets of parents choose. An open adoption means that not only do the birth parents and adoptive parents know each other, but the birth parents also continue to have contact with their child, despite that the adoptive parents have full legal custody. Although this arrangement can sometimes be hard to maintain, many studies have proven that this kind of adoption situation can have very positive implications for everyone involved.

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