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Adopt Internationally? - What's Best for the Child?

So have decided to adopt a child? Good! Now where to start? There is so much information to absorb, so much to think about – it can get a little overwhelming. First of all, you need to find an adoption agency. Make sure you do lots of research to find an agency who boasts a good record of matching children and families. You can do a quick search online using Yahoo or Google to come up with numerous agencies. After spending time searching several websites, you will find you have some decisions to make right from the start.

Should You Adopt a Foreign Child?

First of all, do you want to adopt a child from the United States or internationally? This needs careful consideration. Adopting a child from another country can bring many different problems. It costs more, for one thing. It also takes much longer to receive the child into your home as the countries undergo adoption negotiations. The child may have medical problems, which you will need medical background information of their parents, which may be difficult or impossible to get from foreign parents. Foreign adoption also poses the problem of culture. If you adopt a child from a different culture, they will lose contact with that part of who they are. Many parents report having trouble with their foreign adoptees fitting in with American children their age.

Although very rewarding, adopting a child from another country comes with many difficulties. You will need to sit down and think about what option would be best for you and your family. If you have other children, natural or adopted, you might want to consider their feelings. For example, if you already have adopted a child from China, you might want to adopt a second one from China as well so they will have a common bond. Once you have decided where you want your adoptee to come from, narrowing down agency choices will be much easier. Many only offer adoptions from once place. Whatever the choice, make sure you carefully consider your options and discuss any needs or concerns with the adoption agency you are dealing with.

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