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Adopting from China Helps

Although adopting from China may seem like a more difficult process than adopting children in the United States, the reality is that it can be much easier and the need is often greater. In China, there are currently an overwhelming number of female babies available for adoption because of the dominating preference for male children over female. Many—if not most—of the children placed up for adoption are females and they are beautiful, healthy children just lacking a secure home. One reputable, experienced adoption agency handling adoptions from China is the European Adoption Consultants, Inc. and this agency helps ensure that the adoption process is legal, complete, and stress-free.

Concerns about Adopting from China

Many parents adopting from China are often concerned about the health of their prospective new babies, especially in relation to size. It is important to know that many of the length, weight, and head circumference measurements taken in China are not as accurate as measurements in the United States. Therefore, do not be overly concerned if you receive information describing an exceptionally small child because it may not be true. However, even if the measurements are accurate and the child is exceptionally small, there is no evidence that the diminutive size has any negative effects on the child’s health. Medical records of children adopted from China show that the majority of Chinese babies tend to be very healthy and strong, and very few have problems related to drug or alcohol abuse. Many adoptive parents report that their Chinese babies, despite the small size, have grown to be very active, intelligent, athletic, resilient children.

If you decide to adopt from China, the European Adoption Consultants, Inc. is a good place to start. All babies adopted through this agency are between eight and twelve months of age and the adoption process generally only takes between thirteen and eighteen months. They have helped hundreds of beautiful Chinese babies find good, loving homes.

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