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Adoption Agency: More Than Just the Process

Adoption is a very complicated process, and for this reason, “adoption agency” does not simply refer to the organization that actually handles or arranges the adoption: there are many different kinds of agencies, organizations, or people who might be involved. The difference among adoption agencies often varies widely depending on the agency’s goals, what it is equipped to do, and in what kind of adoptions it specializes. The many different kinds of agencies involved in adoptions can include (or provide) attorneys, Christian organizations, confidential intermediaries, counseling, DNA tests, embassies, embryo adoption, facilitators, foster care, international adoption, medical evaluations, photo listings, search and reunions, and support.

Suggestions for an Adoption Agency

If you are looking for an adoption agency that specializes in actually handling and guiding you through the adoption process, here are a few that you might want to investigate. The Independent Adoption Center in Pleasant Hill, California, is a non-profit agency that specializes in open adoptions and allows birth parents to select the adoptive parents. A Brave Choice is an agency located in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, that helps ensure good homes for the adopted children by conducting home studies. This agency is involved with the placement of children of all races and special needs children. A Child’s Waiting, located in Akron, OH, offers both open and confidential adoption services. In addition, it also offers birth parent counseling and helps adoptive parents with planning and parenting.

A New Arrival Adoptions (Twin Bridgest, MT) specializes in adoptions from both the United States and select foreign countries. A TLC Adoption handles the adoption of African-American infants and is located in Layton, Utah. Although these are only a few of the numerous agencies possible, the important thing to remember is to choose an agency that is reputable, honest, and puts the needs of the child first. Good communication between the adoptive parents, the agency, and the birth parents (if possible) is the first step to ensuring a positive adoption experience.

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