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2010 Earthquake: Haitian Children Adoption Changes

The terrible 2010 earthquake in Haiti has dramatically changed something near and dear to many people: Haiti adoption requirements. While many, many Haitian children in orphanages suffered untold horrors, there could be a miracle for some families and the waiting children if some advocates have their way.

While many of the local and international adoption agencies continue to operate in Haiti, the government has stepped in as an adoption facilitator in some cases.

New Haiti Adoption Requirements & Costs

Before the earthquake, approximately 250,000 Haitian children were in orphanages and awaiting adoption. With the high death toll, it's estimated that possibly 1 million children could now be without parents. Interested families should search out resources like a Haiti adoption photolisting. There are several blogs and photolisting services that have up to the minute information available.

The cost of adopting a child from Haiti is a big concern for many families. While the government assistance can help in some cases, the devastation in Haiti has caused some costs to skyrocket. Travel to and from Haiti has been slowed to almost nothing due to the relief efforts. Haiti adoption costs now include many expenses that were not typical in countries that have a better infrastructure.

The entire world has been touched by the problems that the children of Haiti are enduring. Massive relief efforts and billions in aid dollars are part of the solution. But many believe that the real healing process can start with one family and one child.

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