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Needs of Adopted Children

Adopted children are both different and alike most of the other children in the world. They have unique needs and need special care, attention, and understanding. Most of all, adopted children need a loving home and family that provides safety and security. Their previous life histories may be as varied as they are. Some may have been put up for adoption at birth and spent many months or years in an orphanage. Others may have been removed from their homes because of circumstances and placed with various foster families. Many adoptive families never know exactly what the children have endured.

Adopted Children Need Love and Security

Probably the primary need of adopted children is love and security. These children have faced much uncertainty throughout their short lives and need a home where they feel wanted, loved, and safe. If you are planning on adopting a child, take special care to make the home as stable and secure as possible. This new home will be their refuge and protection. Remember, however, that adopted children may not always be openly receptive or warm to adoptive parents right away. Initially, being adopted is just one more uncertainty, one more change, in their lives and it will be hard for them to adjust. It is best to give the children a space of their own and allow them time to adjust to the new family situation and surroundings. Do not take the initial withdrawal or lack of openness personally: it is part of the process.

It is also important to be aware that adopted children, depending on their histories, may have more mental or emotional problems or issues than other children. Although it may be difficult to interact with them and get them to open up at first, with a little effort and care you can make a serious difference in their lives. Do not be afraid to enlist the help of professionals in making the transition a smooth one. If you are prospective adoptive parent, do not be scared away by these considerations. As with all things, even raising your own biological children, the beginning always has ups and downs, but the eventual benefits for both you and the child will more than make up for any initial difficulties.

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